Benoît Heilbrunn

DSP photo benoit heilbrunn copyBenoît Heilbrunn studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and semiotics and visual arts at EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) where he had Louis Marin as a tutor. He is professor of marketing at ESCP Europe. His areas of investigation include branding, material culture, consumption, and design. He has published many books among which Le logo, La marque and Le packaging in the series « Que-sais-je ? » published by PUF. He also wrote a book to explain consumption to teenagers (Je consomme donc je suis ? , Nathan, 2013) and has just published  Market Mediations: Semiotic Investigations on Consumers, Objects and Brands with Palgrave McMillan. He truly hopes to complete in the very near future a book he started with David Scott twenty years ago on the rhetoric of the poster…

La liquéfaction de la marque : Zevs


This short article discusses the work of the street artist Zevs on liquidated logos, which raises many questions as regards brands and visual identities. Who is the author beyond the brand communicating with us through its logo? What is the meaning of visual identity when logos become liquid? How to envisage a living identity for a brand? Based on ideas and authors widely discussed in David Scott’s books on stamps, logos and posters, this article tries to reconsider what the word brand means in a liquid paradigm.


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Benoît HeilbrunnAlex Bradley