• Still Life with Ewer, Vessels and Pomegranate; Willem Kalf (Dutch, 1619 - 1693); mid-1640s; Oil on canvas; 104.5 x 80.6 cm (41 1/8 x 31 3/4 in.); 54.PA.1

    Fowl Murder and Art in Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu

    Áine Larkin
  • elizfeat

    Ekphrastic reimaginings of Landscape with the Fall of Icarus: Revisiting Butor through Auden and Williams

    Elizabeth Geary Keohane
  • IMG_0917 copy

    Peter Rice: Performing Instability

    Greg Kerr
  • Caludio—x1200 copy

    The Boxing Match in the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes

    Claudio Sansone
  • benoitfeat (2)

    La Liquéfaction de la marque

    Benoît Heilbrunn
  • Luke entry image copy

    Twelve Stones Thrown

    Luke Sheehan
  • Edouard Manet (French, 1832 - 1883 ), The Railway, 1873, oil on canvas, Gift of Horace Havemeyer in memory of his mother, Louisine W. Havemeyer

    Fashion and the Painting of Parisian Modernity: New academic and curatorial perspectives

    Sinéad Furlong-Clancy
  • maria

    Deciphering the Gaze in Lacan’s ‘Of the Gaze as Objet Petit a

    Maria Scott
  • 178mm x 236mm

    Le Détournement du Mythe de Salomé chez Claude Cahun

    Lissia Amach
  • sarahfeat

    Reading the Tarot in Nerval’s La Main enchantée

    Sarah Gubbins
  • robertfeat-3

    Manet’s Selfie and the Baudelairean Parallax

    Robert Kilroy
  • DSP Gill 1 pantin-france-marie_morillion-032 copy

    (De)Facing the Suburbs[1]: Street Art and the Politics of Spatial Affect[2] in the Paris banlieues

    Gillian Jein
  • Print

    David Scott’s Semiotics

    Robin Fuller
  • Alan2

    ‘Mais où va donc mon sonnet ?’: Verlaine and the Fixed Form of Petrarch

    Alan English
  • Untitled-1 copy

    ‘M’introduire dans ton histoire’ / ‘Let me come into your story’

    Mags Harnett
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